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5x Delicious spring lunches!

It is always nice and tasty to have lunch out of doors. Get away from it all. Fortunately, in the city centre of Dordrecht you can choose from a wide range of cosy lunch spots. It's even better when the lunch menu changes with the seasons. At these five addresses, in addition to a delicious lunch, you also get the relaxed atmosphere for free.

A new spring, a new lunch!

Roti sandwich with homemade ginger beer at Boer'n Bontje

The rocket, pak choi, bean sprouts, pointed cabbage and all other vegetables that Jermain Chin Fung Chun uses come from the weekly market. The oyster mushrooms come from the Dordt Nursery Guild and he uses them for the vegan roti oyster mushroom massala, among other things. Everything at Boer'n Bontje is fresh, one hundred percent halal and everything is just a little bit different. The entrepreneur's Surinamese background and curiosity about the Mediterranean are reflected in the authentic dishes. The menu includes sandwiches and roti, but soon also oso preti (house dishes) such as brown beans with rice and chicken, bulgur with köfte and aubergine and rice with pom, vegetables and chicken. Bread bar Boer'n Bontje will then change to Boer'n Bontje. "The taste experience is international, but most of the products are local," says Jermain. And with a bit of luck, Jermain will have his homemade non-alcoholic ginger beer cold. Cheers!

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Boern Bontje lunch catering Dordrecht

Lunchroom Helena: Fried auberginesandwich with saffron lemonade

To give away the secret of the international kitchen of lunchroom Helena right away: fresh saffron. Apart from the fact that owner Chia Kadir has the necessary experience and culinary creativity, this spice from Iran can be found in many dishes and in the lemonade. "Saffron is typical for Helena," says Chia. "We also use a lot of fruit and vegetables, all seasonal and fresh for the best and most delicious results. We do business with local entrepreneurs for all our products." What lunch guests will find on the menu right now include a sweet spinach tart, rendang sandwich, fried aubergine sandwich and, of course, the saffron lemonade. While you're there, ask for Helena. A story to savour.

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Lunchroom Helena snacks lunch catering Dordrecht

Hummus-pickles sandwich with Man With Glasses coffee at Hazel's

How big can a small lunch shop be? In the most delicious coffee with beans from 'Man With Glasses', delicious sandwiches with bread from Jordy's Bakery and homemade sweets like pumpkin chutney and butter cake. These are just a few examples of delicacies on the lunch menu at Hazel. Owner Ruben Brand only opened the doors of the small cosy monumental building 1.5 years ago, but already has a large group of fans. His success: "Coffee lovers have a wide choice of beans. Apart from the bread, I make everything myself. If possible, it is also vegan." Because of the small space, there is not much room inside. But with good weather it is fine to sit outside at the side of Hazel. Enjoy the sunshine with a home-made sandwich and a freshly brewed flat white.

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Hazel coffee lunch to go catering Dordrecht

Poké Perfect: fresh vegan spicy tuna bowl

When you think of poké bowls, you think of summer. It is Hawaiian inspired food after all. A poké bowl is perfect for lunch, especially now that the weather is getting warmer. The cold meal is healthy, fresh and tasty. Entrepreneur Tjeerd de Knijf, also owner of No. 38 City Bakery together with his wife Maud, likes to see the sun shine more often. Besides the standard bowls, one or two seasonal bowls appear on the menu each season. "At the moment that is the vegan spicy tuna bowl. Vegan is becoming more and more popular, and of course we are responding to that. We also have courgette noodles as an alternative to rice, lettuce or quinoa as a base. But the best thing about poké bowls is that everyone can make a combination to suit their taste from a huge range of daily fresh products." Poké Perfect will soon be offering a special lunch deal for guests at Poké on location. A lunch-sized bowl with a drink for an attractive price. A piece of Hawaii has never been so close.

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Poké Perfect bowl lunch catering Dordrecht

Salads, seafood and homemade arancello at De Crimp

It is asparagus season and the homemade bio arancello is ready. The lunch menu at De Crimp is ready for it and fits in with the flavours of spring and summer. Fresh, airy, playful and also seasonal dishes for everyone. "That is exactly what De Crimp is," says co-owner Nicky van der Toorn. "A dynamic, easily accessible place in an iconic monumental building where everyone feels at home, from tourist to citizen of Dordrecht. Although the dishes have a Mediterranean character, the products we use all come from the region. For example, the mushrooms come from the Kwekersgilde and the cheese from Gert-Jan the cheese farmer. Everything is fresh." A light spring lunch should of course be accompanied by a matching drink. A fruity rosé or a glass of light white wine, for example. An original summer recommendation is the arancello spritz. The home-made arancello developed in corona (but such a big success that it is impossible to imagine life without it) is also available in bottles. Becoming a great cocktail shaker at home has never been easier.

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Restaurant de Crimp lunch catering Dordrecht

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