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Dordrecht is worth seeing

With a guide, you will look at the city with different eyes, whether it is known or unknown.

Discover your own surprising city

A city walk dull, dusty and old-fashioned? On the contrary, Patricia Hoornaar knows. "With a guide, you look at the city with different eyes, whether it is already known or not. Dordrecht continues to surprise, for everyone. We often hear from participants that they knew Dordrecht was beautiful, but that it still greatly exceeded their expectations." To the satisfaction of Hoornaar, who works at the Group Day Trips department of Dordrecht Marketing & Partners.

The coronavirus threw a spanner in the works for a while, but now the city walks on Saturday mornings have restarted. "These start from the counter in the Intree, on the Spuiboulevard. It is an accessible way to get to know the city accompanied by someone whose head is full of relevant knowledge. Our guides do not just do the same thing, but adapt to the group. For each walk, the guides estimate what the route will be. Are narrow alleys too risky given the size of the group? Then they will skip them. To avoid disappointment, it is advisable to book a city walk in advance. They always start on Saturdays at 11.30 am and last until about 13.00 pm."

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