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New places to stay in the city

Good news: more and more special shops and fine restaurants are opening up in the city centre. Good for the people of Dordrecht, but also for tourists. More and more people are discovering that Dordt is absolutely worth a visit. And that one day is actually too little for that. Fortunately, there are the brand-new Stadshotel Steegoversloot and the atmospheric B&B Belle Chambre in the Gravenstraat, with restaurants, shops, culture and places of interest within walking distance.

It feels like a dream come true
- Remco (Stadshotel Dordrecht)

Art deco with modern luxury

Belle Chambre is spacious and stylishly decorated with a mix of art deco and art nouveau. Owner Sjoerd Kessels wants to offer a place where it is pleasant to come back to after a day in the city centre or the Biesbosch. Beautiful, matching the stately building from 1709, but with all modern conveniences. For example, the B&B has an independent entrance with PIN code, luxury shower, sound centre and even a scent machine so that it always smells fresh. Although the B&B has only just opened, the bookings for the summer and the positive reactions are already flooding in to owner Sjoerd Kessels.

"The guests are pleasantly surprised about the B&B with its authentic details, but also about Dordrecht. Many people do not know that there are so many historic sights, nice shops and restaurants here. As a B&B, we obviously also offer breakfast, but our guests hardly ever book this, and they are right. Around the corner you have Coffeelicious and the Scheffersplein. What more could you want?"

View B&B Belle Chambre

Monumental accommodation in the heart of the city

In the Stadshotel at Steegoversloot 56, everything comes together that couple Annemieke and Remco van Helden are good at and what they find important. Hospitality, personal attention, quality and there is room for Christa's shop, lunchroom and bakery (formerly Christa's Cookies) of which Annemieke is the owner since five years. The hotel has twelve contemporary rooms, each with its own character, modern but still fitting for the national monument dating from 1670. The young entrepreneurial couple are obviously very excited about it.

Remco: "It feels like a dream come true. We really don't need to be in the Lonely Planet, but it would be great to find ourselves in little travel books as a hidden gem."

Check out Stadshotel Steegoversloot
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