Exhibition (Re)ACT

do Aug. 4, 2022 - sat Nov. 12, 2022

(Re)ACT is a kinetic, tech and sound art festival organized from the Kunstkerk in Dordrecht. With this festival, imagination is presented on the one hand as the driving force behind the technological developments and cultural changes that are necessary for a vision of the future. On the other hand, we ask the question to what extent we as a society and as human beings can base our hopes on technology and innovation.

Society is increasingly threatened by climate and transportation problems, uncontrollable viruses, natural disasters, and our own nature. Although these problems have been caused in part by our scientific and technical developments, hope in engineering and science as a solution to such issues is also growing. And this is not without reason.

Driven by imagination, man has made it possible for himself to fly, make fire, control light and shape nature. (RE)ACT makes things tangible that live in the world and that we as a society and as human beings aspire to. In this festival we show art and culture as a development - not as an end product - and the artistry is central. To take visitors into the creation of the work and the story behind it, a short video portrait has been made of each artist, performer and scientist participating in this project.

The highlight of the exhibition is the unveiling of the artwork created by Studio Job, which will be built in front of the facade of the Art Church. On September 9, the artwork will be unveiled in the presence of the internationally acclaimed artist. 

Please note: The exhibition can only be visited Wednesday through Sunday from 11:00-17:00!

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