Cineplus: The Last Bus

Thu 10 Nov 2022

During the CinePlus, you can enjoy a wonderful quality film for only €7.50*. Before the film starts, we are happy to treat you to a free cup of coffee or tea with some sweets.
For the full CinePlus programme, visit our CinePlus page.
*Excluding any surcharges.

The Last Bus takes you on the journey of 90-year-old widower Tom Harper (Timothy Spall) from his hometown of the last fifty years - a remote village in northern Scotland - back to his birthplace - near the southernmost point of England. In a battle against time, his age and fate, Tom fearlessly embarks on this long journey with his free bus pass in order to fulfill a promise to his wife Mary (Phyllis Logan). The Last Bus is a heartwarming film about love and loss. A film that reminds us that we are not alone - we're all on this ride together.
Timothy Spall
Gillies MacKinnon
English version (Dutch subtitles)
Featured in:
2D :
Kinepolis Huizen
Kinepolis Zoetermeer
Kinepolis Jaarbeurs Utrecht
Kinepolis Leidschendam
Kinepolis Haarlem
Kinepolis Groningen
Kinepolis Enschede
Kinepolis Emmen
Kinepolis Dordrecht
Kinepolis Den Helder
Kinepolis Den Bosch
Kinepolis Breda
Kinepolis Almere
Kinepolis Oss

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