Thu 10 Nov 2022
21:00 - 23:14

Star cast carries enervating crime film.

New York in the early 1930s. Burt(Christian Bale) and Harold(John-David Washington) are two WWI war veterans whose close friendship has been watered down, They meet again and their friend Valerie(Margo Robbie), former battlefield nurse, because their former general has been killed. Once, a few years after that terrible war, the trio celebrated endlessly in Amsterdam. Therema each started a civilian life and now they become involved (and suspicious) in this murder case. A murder behind which there appears to be a conspiracy to kill democracy in America. 

In a rollercoaster of a movie, director David o'Russell narrates a romantic and suspenseful crime film. His choice of chaos and confusion seems a (hidden) reference to the tumultuous Trump years.

Faithful: "...wacky, quirky comedy dances through the Interbellum."

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