Tutankhamun: The Last Exhibition

Fri 25 Nov 2022
14:15 - 15:33

Very informative and visually appealing documentary about the famous pharaoh.

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In November 1922, 100 years ago this year, British archaeologist and Egyptologist Howard Carter made a small hole above an underground doorway in the Valley of the Kings. This is how he discovered the burial chamber of Pharaoh Tutankhamun. This documentary offers an extraordinary opportunity to meet the pharaoh and admire 150 of his treasures, part of the largest international exhibition ever dedicated to the Golden Boy in Los Angeles (2019).

Original photographic and film material from the Metropolitan Museum in New York and the Griffith Institute in Oxford, shows the most poignant moments of Carter's discovery. It also shows the impact of Tutankhamun' s famous curse and the few facts about the young pharaoh's life: a boy elevated to demigod status who died at the age of 19. But 3342 years after his burial, of all the pharaohs in ancient Egypt, he became the most famous. Features close-up footage from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo and expert commentary from international experts.

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