À Plein Temps

so Dec. 31, 2023
14:20 - 15:45

Staying upright requires a nerve-wracking effort from Julie


Every day Julie(Laure Calamy) hurries from her job at a luxury hotel in the busy Paris downtown back to the countryside. There she cares for her two children alone. With the incessant rhythm of washing, ironing, preparing food, paying bills, picking up, dropping off and shopping, the single mother often does not know where her head is. Rescuing and arranging has become her way of life. When she has finally arranged an interview for a job with more prospects, a nationwide public transportation strike breaks out. Where to go?

Director Eric Gravel created a gripping drama about the contemporary stress of existence. The nightmare of daily logistics. The film and lead actress won the talent awards at the Venice Film Festival.

NRC: "...overwhelming film.... "

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