Kunstmin | The Electoral Men - In search of Europe

Thu Apr 13, 2023

A journey through Europe

Musical, visual and humorous search for a new European story

In a dazzling show full of music, images and humour, The Electoral Men will search with the audience for today's European story. They take you on a journey along the frayed edges of the continent: from the wall that divides North and South Cyprus, along the turbulent Northern Ireland to the bridge of Sarajevo, where Europe was born and died. A search for the beating heart of the new Europe.

Things are storming in Europe: the British chose their own path, the Hungarians are breaking down the rule of law, and the Russians have invaded Ukraine. Europe barely knows how to deal with today's great challenges, but especially not with itself. The old continent between the capitalist United States and socialist China, the continent of Romanticism and "Never Again War," the continent drowning in its own history. Do we Europeans actually still know who we are or do we need a new story?

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