TrösT Matinee

Sun Nov 13, 2022
15:00 - 16:30

For anyone who experiences loss in his or her life, Villa TrösT organizes a series of concerts on every second Sunday of the month. Each concert features a variety of musical styles, including classical and medieval music as well as listening songs. They are mainly performed by students of the conservatory in varying line-ups. 

This time it is the turn of vocalist Alexandra Alden and bassist Jurriaan de Kok. 

For the meeting after the concert, you are welcome in Villa TrösT which is about 100 meters from the auditorium. There, in addition to a good conversation, you can enjoy a delicious drink (included in the entrance fee).

Participation is final after reservation and payment of € 10.00 per person. In case of cancellation there can unfortunately be no refund. It is possible, after consultation, to transfer your reservation to a third party or to exchange it for a later concert. Without a reservation you can pay at the venue by pin, unless the concert is fully booked.

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