De Kade Appartementen

De Kade Appartementen is located in the middle of Dordrecht's historic city centre: beautiful luxury flats / suites with a panoramic view over the junction of the three mighty rivers Oude Maas, Noord and Merwede. The adjacent Groothoofd is a historic spot where for centuries both foreigners and royalty have set foot ashore in the oldest city in Holland.

The apartments/suites are fitted with all modern conveniences (e.g. jacuzzi, flat screen television, wireless internet) and all rooms have a splendid view of the rivers or the cosy inner harbour. The interior of the rooms is a meeting between classic and modern, where you can find the luxury of a hotel, but experience the freedom of a flat.

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Binnen Walevest 34
Holiday cottages

The Baggage Carrier House

Mazelaarsstraat 2

TOF Sleeping

Knolhaven 44

In Den Visser

Korte Breestraat 22

Lane 8

Steegoversloot 8

Tiny house in the garden of Mariahof villa

Korte Scheidingsweg 23