Milaflora Flower Creations

Milaflora flower creations specializes in wedding flowers and farewell flowers. 

From her love for flowers and a personal story, Mila van Holstein-Willemsen creates with her company Milaflora unique floral creations for those moments in life where emotions may be translated into flowers. She did this from home for three years, until she outgrew her space. Now Mila has her studio inside the Workshop at the Voorstaat 232, a place where people can see wedding flower arrangements with their own eyes. And can experience farewell flowers. She offers the opportunity for bereaved families to make them themselves. "It's nice that I now have a location where people can step inside. I loved the look of the building right away: tough and raw. My soft, colorful floral touch is a nice contrast. Nature is my inspiration and I want to inspire people to connect more with nature."

Mila also offers flower subscriptions. Fresh flowers, arranged in a matching vase or a creation of artificial flowers tailored to the season. After summer, she will be teaching workshops in the back part of her studio. Seasonal, to bring the seasons from outside in.

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