Pictura Drawing Society

Teekengenootschap Pictura was founded in 1774 and is the oldest (still existing) artists association in the Netherlands. Since 1901 the society is located in the monumental building "Oosten-rijck", originally built in 1561. The artists had (and have) studios and exhibition rooms there, which is unique in the Netherlands. In the course of time, the building was expanded with a large hall, a third hall and a graphics workshop. Over the centuries, hundreds of artists have been members of Pictura. A large number of artists enjoyed great fame even outside Dordrecht, such as Abraham van Strij, Johannes Cornelis Schotel, Willy Sluijter and Otto Dicke. Today Pictura is an active association with over 130 working and 100 art-loving members. As a platform for contemporary art, Pictura organizes eight exhibitions a year.

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