Greetje Aardoom has made from her hobby her work. Her small but fine wool shop is located in the basement of the Roodenburch House, where Bluebirds in the Backyard is located. "I love handicrafts and especially knitting." Greetje herself has a great love for Scandinavian designs. Beautiful, classic, timeless and yet modern. A lot of the wool, accessories and patterns she sells come from Scandinavia. "Knitting is hip in Scandinavia, also among young people. I would love it if that trend would spread to the Netherlands. It is fun to make what you want, but knitting is also relaxing. With my shop, and later also with a web shop and workshops, I want to inspire people to get started too." 

Knitting is hip and timeless! The shelves of Vive! are full of colourful balls of wool, knitting patterns, knitting pins and buttons. Come and have a look.   

Discover Vive!

Vive Handmade wool shop Huis Roodenburch Dordrecht (2)

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09 December 2021
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25 November 2021

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