Bracelet with charm mill


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Product description

A luxury beaded bracelet with large beautiful Delft blue beads, interspersed with rose colored beads and a rose colored charm with a windmill on it. A beautiful Delft blue accessory that you can always carry with you. A piece of jewelry is something that should not be missing from your outfit: it completes your look! Whatever your style and whatever outfit you wear, a Heinen Delft Blue bracelet is the stylish addition. You can perfectly combine this jewelry with other jewelry, so you really get the total picture. The jewelry is timeless and subtle and therefore fits beautifully with your other jewelry. Are you going for gold jewelry or do you want the blue and white in it? Combine multiple Delft blue jewelry with each other and you'll always walk around looking stylish! Would you like to give them as a gift? That is also a very good idea. After all, how nice is it to let a loved one know that you care? Surprise your mother, sister, aunt, grandmother or BFF with one of our beautiful jewelry. After all, a piece of jewelry is timeless, and will always give that person a memory of you. The bracelet falls flexibly on the wrist and is a wonderful souvenir!

Size: L 13 cm, W 13 cm, H 0.7 cm
Weight: 14 gr.
Material: Ceramic