Tales of Dordrecht (No. 31): From sail to steam and diesel


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The closer you get to Dordt, the worse it gets'. This statement possibly originates from inland navigation: near Dordrecht there were shallows, tricky currents and sailors had to pay toll. What is certain is that the history of Dordrecht is closely linked to inland navigation. The harbours of Dordrecht were always full of ships. They had Dordrecht as their home port or as a stop-over to take in or unload cargo.

In Dordrecht, the past is never far away. In the Wolwevershaven, for example, where numerous traditional sailing ships lie and also the steamship 'Pieter Boele'. On the Staart, with the Inland Navigation Museum, in the pushboat Rene Siegfried. And the Groothoofdspoort, where the Merwede, the Oude Maas and the Noord come together in the busiest inland waterway in Europe.