Call it Off

Fri May 31, 2024

The Dutch pop punk band made its debut in 2013 and has been compared to bands such as Green Day and Blink-182. The band quickly gained popularity resulting in multiple sold-out shows during their headlining tours, festival appearances at major festivals, opening for bands like New Found Glory and Panic! At The Disco and their critically acclaimed full-length album "Abandoned," released by Sony Music, which achieved a hit rating (resulting in the Top 40 single "Scream Your Heart Out"), and a selection as 3fm Serious talent which even resulted in an award nomination. In addition, the band toured Europe several times and even toured Asia.

After an announced break in 2020, the band returned from hibernation in 2022 to play a postponed farewell show to a packed Dynamo Eindhoven.
However, as always, the band does things their own way and goes against the grain. Original band members Sergei and Maurice decided to breathe new life into the band and continue their musical journey as Call It Off.

With the blessing of outgoing members Lesley and Adrian, Sergei and Maurice seized the opportunity to add new enthusiastic members to the band who share the same passion and infuse Call It Off with a new energy. With their drive and talent, Timmy and Gio bring with them a fresh new energy, and allow Call It Off to reshape its signature pop punk sound.
The four-piece band also recently hit the studio together to reinvent themselves and record the brand new singles "letting go" and ''i'm done''.
The new singles have just been released and are just the beginning of a new journey.

+ Support: Snow Coats
Based in Arnhem, the Netherlands, indie pop band Snow Coats spent their early years touring extensively throughout the Netherlands. They have also toured Europe and the United Kingdom as support for bands such as Pinegrove, Remember Sports, Coach Party, Future Teens and Ratboys. In 2020, Snow Coats signed to U.K.-based label Alcopop! Records and released the EP "Pool Girl. The EP quickly penetrated the ears and hearts of British fans and received support from CLASH, Rock Sound and DORK Magazine, and was played by Radio X's John Kennedy and BBC Radio One's Jack Saunders. Their latest album is called "If it wasn't me, I'd've called it funny" and was released in September 2022 by Alcopop! Records. The band recorded the album during the 2021 lockdowns in their rehearsal space and worked with producer/mix engineer Joe Reinhart (Beach Bunny, Hop Along and Modern Baseball). The album was described by American music magazine STEREOGUM as "ridiculously catchy guitar-pop."

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