Philosophical café: Man and space

thursday, Mar. 7, 2024
20:00 - 22:00

Everyone thinks about important life questions from time to time: what is the right thing for me to do? What can I believe in and what can I hope for? The Philosophical Café is about these questions. Not to get a ready-made answer, but to reflect and learn together. This evening we provide an introduction to thinking about people and space.

Space: perception and facts

The philosophy of man and space assumes, on the one hand, that space as such has no meaning, but rather, through a variety of spatial practices and relationships with other things, takes on a meaning that we all experience, live, and live in our own subjective way. You could say that is the "soft" side of our understanding of space. On the other hand, space and our spatial practices also have a (hard) material side that almost seems to speak for itself. Within that, humans arrive at lived and material practices through time.

Leader Jan Vorstenbosch

Jan Vorstenbosch gives an introduction about the human being who is, as it were, "thrown" into his world of life that is determined by space and time. Jan is an ethicist and retired university lecturer. He specializes in applied ethics with a broad interest in ethics of sports, human rights and ethics in general. He also regularly provides much-needed ethical reflection on everyday news in various media outlets.

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