Art and antiques market

Sun Oct. 1, 2023
10:00 - 17:00

Every first Sunday of the month there is a lively art and antiques market on the Nieuwkerksplein. At the same time, most art, antique and curio shops are extra open during Kunstondje Dordt.At the art and antiques market you can find that perfect little table you've been looking for for so long, or that cute little print and maybe a nice vintage dress.

Also look over the shoulders of the artists at work here: painters, glassworkers, ceramists and even a dreamcatcher designer. And of course the classic antique dealers are not missing either. This mix of art, culture and a nice bite to eat and drink, make this the most enjoyable day out on Sunday. And from 2 p.m. on it gets even more cozy, because then there will also be live music.

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