Dordrecht from the water

Dordrecht from the water - Dordt vlogt

Today Vera Britt and her sister are taking you on a very special day. They are going to view Dordrecht from the water. Dordrecht is of course inextricably bound up with water; Dordrecht inhabitants know of course that it is an island (for those who did not know, take a closer look). The inner city is rich in historical harbours and in the backyard lies the Biesbosch National Park. Dordrecht is actually most beautiful from the water. Fortunately, there are many opportunities to experience this. During these tours, you can choose to have all sorts of tasty snacks and drinks delivered to the boat. Everything for a perfect day!

Some of the canal cruise companies are Si barone and DRIJF Dordrecht (in this film, Jaapevents and Sloep Dordrecht). You can choose to cruise only in the city centre, to the Biesbosch or even all the way to Rotterdam.

You don't want to miss this!