Dordt Vlogt: enjoying the city and nature with Drijf!

Are you also enjoying the lovely weather?☀️ This weather calls for fun outings on the water. Vera Britt therefore went out with a familiar face for Dordt Vlogt and sought cooling. She was allowed to sail on the new large sloop of DRIJF Dordrecht and she had to get into the canoe😜

Curious what you can do on the water in Dordrecht? Check out the latest vlog!

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Dordrecht from the water with Dordt Vlogt

Dordt Vlogt takes you on a very special day, viewing Dordrecht from the water! Dordrecht is inextricably linked with water. The inner city is rich in historical harbours and in the backyard lies National Park the Biesbosch. In fact, Dordrecht is secretly most beautiful from the water. Fortunately, there are many opportunities to experience this. During these tours, you can choose to have all sorts of tasty snacks and drinks delivered to the boat. (The video is about Jaap events and Sloep Dordrecht, which are now together called DRIJF Dordrecht)

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