Get the Dordt hospitality industry 2/2

Get the Dordt catering industry in your house 2/2- Dordt vlogt

Today Vera Britt takes you once again along a number of the catering businesses that had to close their doors due to the lockdown... How do they keep their heads above water? De Klander Muelen and Restaurant het Bevertje have joined forces. The favourites of both are now available 7 days a week for delivery and take-away. The fantastic restaurant DeliCees, which is situated under the Grote Kerk, now also does take-away.

Restaurant Het Bolwerck is also open for delivery and take-out. We have to wait for the beautiful view of the three-river point, but fortunately not for the delicious food.

Take a look to see which Dordt establishments you can get your hands on!