New in Dordrecht | April

Dordt Vlogt | New in Dordt

There are new places to discover in the city centre of Dordrecht! To start with, Fier Skateshop moved from the Vriesestraat to a location near the Schefferplein. They moved because they could get their own building here. Besides that, this part of Voorstraat is also very cosy and there is enough traffic. Secondly, we take a look at Optiek Dordrecht on the Voorstraat. This is an old acquaintance; Shirwan used to be the owner of Specsavers in Dordrecht and is currently also the owner of Helena Lunchroom. For a number of years, he only worked in education, but due to customer demand, he has now started another optician in the city centre.

Finally we go to Alaa Aldeen Grillroom, also to be found on the Voorstraat but on the other side of this street. You can find Syrian food here with many vegetarian options. The name is based on the story of Aladdin where the spirit makes the wishes of its owner come true. The owner also likes to fulfil the wishes of his customers. As a customer, you will often taste before you buy something.

Are you going to check out the new locations?