Voodoo Jürgens & Die Ansa Panier

wo 3 nov. 2021
20:00 - 00:00
Bobby Kinghe presenteert: Voodoo Jürgens & Die Ansa Panier met support act: Euroteuro. 
Speciaal voor Dordrecht 800 organiseert Bobby Kinghe dit concert in de Business Club van FC Dordrecht. Entree is gratis er wordt een vrijwillige donatie gevraagd.
20:00 zaal open
20:45 Euroteuro
21:30 Voodoo Jürgens
“David Öllerer’s clever allusion to the legendary German pop artist Udo Jürgens leaves other pseudonyms in the dust. But not only that, Voodoo Jürgens’ Austropop is so witty and cool that his contemporary competitors have to pick their jaws up out of that very dust. In his cheeky Viennese dialect, he half-drunkenly and half-provocatively recites lyrics about the crazy times we live in, to a backdrop of guitar, drums, harmonica, and oodles of black humor.
The fact that he never pulls a punch, always dishing it out pointedly and yet ambiguously, is down to his unfailing sense not only for his dialect, but also for dialectics. Somewhere in the overlap between Tom Waits and a psychiatric institution, songs such as “Heite grob ma Tote aus” (‘Today we dig up bodies’) or “’S klane Glücksspiel” (‘The little gamble’) demonstrate a competent musicality that can afford to sound completely insane – which somehow ends up being the thing that makes it sound perfect for our times.”

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