Sept. 9 and 10: Living Heritage, musical monuments, pocket walks, children's treasure hunt, tours
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This coming weekend during the Open Monument Days, 75 monuments in Dordrecht will open their doors wide for you. This is your chance to take a look at places you would otherwise never or rarely visit! Stroll through the city in glorious weather, visit the beautiful monuments and settle down on one of the many terraces along the way.

Theme 2023: Living Heritage

Living heritage is closely linked to monuments. Consider cultural customs, traditions and crafts that take place in monuments, such as the mill craft in Kyck over de Dyck. Take a look inside the beautiful monuments Dordrecht has to offer.
View program and plot ground here

Musical monuments

Saturday, Sept. 9 and Sunday, Sept. 10, you can enjoy special artists who have elevated making music to an art. On Saturday, for example, there will be organ music in various churches as part of National Organ Day. Saturday and Sunday is dedicated to musical monuments. Admission is free. Full is full!
See all musical monuments here

Walking to discover the monuments

This coming weekend you can join a guided tour or stroll through the city yourself and take in all the monuments and the stories behind them!

Pocket Walks

There are 3 fun (free) walks outlined: Levend Erfgoed, Historische Horeca and Bomenridders. Pick them up at VVV Dordrecht or download them here.

VVV walks

On Saturdays and Sundays, free guided tours start at VVV Dordrecht. A guide will take you for an hour and a half through all the beauty that Dordrecht has to offer.

Hidden Pearls

During an interactive and surprising city walk you will discover the most beautiful stories and hidden corners of the city. Especially for Open Monuments Day this walk is free.

Ugly Heritage Walk

The Vakteam Erfgoed of Gemeente Dordrecht is organizing a free tour of "ugly heritage," architecture between 1965 and 1990, on Saturday, September 9.

View all walks here

Activities during Heritage Days

In addition to walking, you can join a canal tour, take a gripe tour or children's scavenger hunt and visit the Voorstraat Noord Festival.

Children's Scavenger Hunt Living Doors

Step into the shoes of a true adventurer and join a scavenger hunt full of surprises through our beautiful city in search of these "Living Doors"!

Cruises ss Pieter Boele

On Saturday and Sunday, you can take a 45-minute cruise on the Pieter Boele, a former Rhine steam tug, between noon and 4 p.m. (every full hour).

Griendexcursion Biesboschcentrum Dordrecht

Cruise the open whisper boat through the creeks of the Biesbosch and disembark at the original historic griendkeet on the Griend Museum Trail.

Voorstraat Noord Festival

This cozy festival on Saturday, Sept. 9, is all about art and culture. Here you can enjoy street art, workshops, children's activities and live music on various stages.

Overview of all open monuments

A total of 75 monuments in Dordrecht open their doors this weekend. You can download the map or see the total overview here.

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VVV Dordrecht at Spuiboulevard 99 is an excellent starting point for exploring the monuments. You can go there for all your questions.

Program and registration

Program with map, the pocket walks and the children's treasure hunt can be picked up at VVV Dordrecht during the weekend. You can also register for the pocket walks and VVV walks at VVV.

Bridge walk canceled

The published program included a bridge walk. Due to the sudden death of the guide of this walk, this program item has been dropped.


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