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Het is zomer in Dordrecht! Niets zo gezellig om in deze tijd te genieten van onze monumenten, karakteristieke straten en de historische havens.

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Dordrecht's historic city center is connected by inland harbors that resemble Dutch Venice. Find the best outings in Dordrecht in the Events

Do you also like to seek out nature? Whether you are an early bird who wants to canoe at dawn through winding creeks in National Park the Biesbosch, cycling through the polders or want to have breakfast in the sun on a terrace in the historic heart of the city. It is an island where history lovers can enjoy the rich history and the over a thousand (national) monumentsbut also where children also have a great time. During a day in Dordrecht you can also combine the Biesbosch and the city center.

Shopping in the center of Dordrecht is a unique experience due to the combination of stylish clothing stores, local boutiques and special stores full of antiques and curiosities. Shopping makes you hungry: enjoy like a burgundian at the many restaurants, (food) cafes and many other places. All this makes Dordrecht your ideal day out or weekend away in the Netherlands. 

Get more inspiration, of course, at the VVV in Dordrecht.

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