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To the museum in Dordrecht!

For a museum visit, Dordrecht is the place to be. There are several museums in the city. From modern art to beautiful works from the 18th century. You can buy a ticket online in advance through the sites of the museums.

Exploring Huis van Gijn

Discover how wealthy people lived in Dordrecht in 1900 in Huis van Gijn. Wandering through this former residence of businessman and collector Simon van Gijn (1836-1922), you will imagine yourself to be 100 years back in time. The residents seem to come home at any moment. For children, there is extra fun in the toy attic. The collection is one of the oldest toy collections in the Netherlands.

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Huis van Gijn children art culture museums Dordrecht

feast your eyes on the Dordrecht Museum

Founded in 1842, it is Dordrecht Museum one of the oldest museums in the Netherlands. Besides temporary exhibitions, the museum has a wonderful permanent collection. Since its foundation, a rich collection has been built up, covering six centuries of Dutch painting, from 1500 to the present day. Discover highlights from the 16th to 18th century during a visit to this wonderful museum.

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In the light of Cuyp

Het Hof van Nederland

In Hof van Nederland you will experience how we in the Netherlands deal with our freedoms, told from different perspectives. On the basis of historical events you will learn more about our freedoms and you will be challenged to look at the present and gain a better understanding of what freedom means to you.

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National Museum of Education

The Education Museum sits in a beautiful location: in the meticulously restored 1939 De Holland building in Dordrecht, designed by Sybold van Ravesteyn. With more than 390,000 objects, the National Education Museum has the largest education collection in the world. Visit the museum and experience the development of education (history) in the present, past and future through personal stories and current events. A museum for young and old! Featured: the exhibition Tree, Rose, Fish.

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National Education Museum the Holland Dordrecht

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