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There is a lot to discover in Dordrecht! To give you a hand on your way, we have already collected the best tips for you in the form of blogs, vlogs and much more. 

Dordt Vlogt

With the vlogs of Dordt Vlogt, Vera Britt takes you through the developments of downtown Dordt. She visits new entrepreneurs, relocated entrepreneurs and shares tips on events, eating and drinking, shopping and much more. The vlogs give a cozy glimpse of all that is going on in Dordrecht. They will appear here online as well as on Instagram and Facebook.

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Dordt Vlogt Summer Guests

Thumbnail Dordt Vlogt Zomergasten 1 Lucien Foort

Dordt Vlogt Summer guests 1: Lucien Foort

14 July 2022
Marianne Noble miniature Dordt Vlogt summer guests

Dordt Vlogt Summer Guests 2: Marianne Noble

July 21, 2022
Thumbnail Dordt Vlogt Summer Guests Sonny & Dylan

Dordt Vlogt Summer Guests 3: Sonny & Dylan

August 18, 2022
Dordt Vlogt Summer Guests Antoin Peeters thumbnail

Dordt Vlogt Summer Guests 4: Antoin Peeters

August 25, 2022

Dordrecht Maggezien

The Dordrecht Maggezien is a magazine published periodically and distributed door-to-door in Dordrecht and you can also read it online! Each edition, the editors compile an overview of the best events, new stores and restaurants, tips, interviews and hotspots. You are completely up to date once you have read the Dordrecht Maggezien. 

Shopping girlfriends Stadhuisplein Stadhuis spring Dordrecht (3)

Tips for and by Dordrians

De Elzen play forest children family nature Dordrecht (1)

With the kids on an adventure

Suppen paddleboarden active Voorstraathaven centre Dordrecht

Active in the city

High wine in the city

Save the city: experience Dordrecht as a big escaperoom

VVV: a warm bath

Of course, you can also be inspired by one of the staff members of the VVV. They can tell you everything about Dordrecht. From what there is to do, to parking, to typical Dordrecht products: they are at your service. You can also go here for city walks, maps and souvenirs. There is always something to discover, even if it is your hometown! VVV Dordrecht helps you on your way. 

VVV Dordrecht shopping Dordrecht products Dordrecht (1)

This is typically Dordrecht

More Dordrecht products
Intree Dordrecht - Sheep products

The Dordrecht legend

11 February 2021
schapekop Dordrecht

Dordt souvenirs

Pastry shop
Local products

Brokking hazelnut cake

Krispijnseweg 48
Local products

Sheep's head beer

Buddingh'plein 20
Dordt drinks - Dordt vlogt

Dordt drinks

26 March 2021
Distillery Rutte - Dordrecht - liqueur tasting

Made in Dordrecht

13 Locations

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Biesboschcentrum Dordrecht season opening sporty in nature

Season opening Biesboschcentrum Dordrecht

March 31, 2023
Boer'n Bontje food drink Dordrecht (1)

News from the city #20

March 27, 2023
Dordt Vlogt it's spring

Dordt vlogt: It's spring!

March 23, 2023
VVV Dordrecht shopping Dordrecht products Dordrecht (1)

VVV store metamorphosis

March 19, 2023
Stadhuis MEES home & concept store shopping girlfriends Dordrecht

News from the city #19

March 13, 2023
Page UITagenda Scharrelkids IVN Dordrecht - photo stock

Pull out your calendar: pleasant (spring!) outings

March 01, 2023

Dordrecht restaurants in Gault&Millau guide

Feb. 27, 2023
Dordt Vlogt News from the City 1 miniature Dordrecht

Dordt vlogs: News from the city #14

Feb. 16, 2023
Flood route Dordrecht

70 years of flood disaster

Jan. 31, 2023
The Water Comes Podwalk Dordrecht

Podwalk - The Water Is Coming

Jan. 26, 2023

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JUMBOTRON Pottenkade walking phone photographing autumn Voorstraathaven Dordrecht