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High Wine in the city

Everyone knows the famous High-Tea, but have you ever been High-Wining? An absolute must for a pleasant and tasteful afternoon or evening out!

Brut: Seasonal wines and foods

Nicky van der Toorn: "Our high wine is not standard. The wines we serve are seasonal and so are the dishes we serve with them. At the moment, we start with anti-pasti: fresh rustic bread, spreads, nuts, olives and charcuterie: sausages and hams. The second course consists of carpaccio of fish and meat. The third -warm- course also consists of fish and meat. The fourth course is sweet, or consists of cheese.

Customers can choose from red, white or rosé if they want, but in principle we choose a matching wine with the dishes. We like to offer a surprise. Then it remains a challenge for guests who come more often, but also for ourselves. We like to combine wines and food that go well together. For the customer, it is also nice that the choice is made for them. They get to taste a wine they would not normally order.

It's a broad public that comes here, young, old, men, women, wine lovers and people who don't know anything about wine. We have a high wine here every day; wine is also our core business."

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Red, white, rosé: wine tasting and buying

"With us, the high wine evolved from the blind tasting trios. In a tasting trio, you taste three wines of one colour, with or without matching chocolates. The high wine is more elaborate, with half a glass of five wines and matching bites.

At a high wine, you want to surprise people. We ask people for their preferences: dry, fruity, only white, or red. It's not like guests can pick and choose five of our 60 wines. We serve different wines with each high wine. We do that on our own instinct.

There is a structure to our high wine. We start with a light, fresh white wine. This clears the taste buds and then you can taste well. We always finish with a sweet wine and a luxury bonbon. We don't have a hot kitchen. We do have a lot of beautiful cheeses that we match with the wines, smoked wild salmon and organic lamb salami. All the wine you taste in the wine bar is also for sale in our shop."

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Brasserie Downtown: Unlimited tasting

"We serve the dishes on a wooden board. Guests appreciate that, it's different from what they are used to. We really dress up our high wine. Especially when people come for the first time, they often say: 'Wow, it looks good, how much is there'.

For two hours, you can enjoy unlimited quantities of our house wines. We serve three rounds of savoury snacks. We usually start with small sandwiches with salmon, brie or ham. Then a round of miniature dumplings and prawns, and finally some appetizers. You can also upgrade the high wine. Then you opt for the Valpolicella, Rioja Crianza or Amarone; these are real top wines.

Here it is unlimited, with plenty of snacks. They are really satisfied after two hours. There are also people who come with a group, but they don't like wine. Then you can also choose a high tea, or a high beer. We have eight different beers in bottles and on tap. We're not quite a brasserie in Belgium yet."

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