Distillery Rutte - Dordrecht - liqueur tasting

Made in Dordrecht

Shopping tour of stores with Dordrecht specialties.

What you get from afar is delicious, but what you get from Dordrecht is even more delicious and beautiful! A route along various Dordrecht delicacies and other typical Dordrecht products.


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VVV Dordrecht

Spuiboulevard 99

At VVV Dordrecht you can get all kinds of fun Dordrecht gadgets. Dordrecht souvenirs, sheep's head cookies, licorice but also the Dordrecht beer and wine. Books, fun postcards of the city and a beautiful wooden skyline.

Tourist information
Van der Sterre - Patisserie & Lunch - Dordrecht - Vriesestraat - pastry and bread - coffee and lunch

At Van der Sterre, you'll immediately fall head over heels for two typical Dordrecht delicacies: the famous Appelmarijn and the Schapenkopjes, delicious buttercream cookies with an almond garnish in the shape of a sheep's head; a reference to the legend to which the Dordrians owe their nickname.

Van der Sterre - Patisserie & Lunch
Distilleerderij Rutte - Dordrecht - jenever distillation

Rutte Distillery

Vriesestraat 130

On to Dordrecht's pride and joy, Distillery Rutte. After all, the Rutte name reaches far beyond our national borders and their gin is among the world's best. They have been making their famous gins, genevers and liqueurs here since 1872. According to a secret recipe, with the best ingredients and using traditional methods. Also fun: a gin making workshop with your favorite ingredients. The ultimate chance to get a taste of the secret Rutte recipe!

Distillery Rutte & Zn.
Dordrecht Museum - paintings - art

Dordrechts Museum

Museumstraat 40

In the museum store of the Dordrecht Museum, you can buy books and postcards of famous works by Dordrecht masters such as Bol, Cuyp and Scheffer, as well as the famous "View of Dordrecht" by Jan van Goyen.

Dordrechts Museum

Olala Chocolate

Voorstraat 182

The open workspace in the store allows you to see how the chocolate is processed. At Olala Chocola you can find great gifts for various occasions or delicious chocolate in the form of Dordtse Schapenkopjes.

Olala Chocolate
Dordts Genoegen - Dordrecht - Scheffersplein - restaurant - coffee and cake - lunch

Dordrecht Pleasure

Voorstraat 256

High time for a coffee break. At Dordts Genoegen, feast especially on Brokking's famous hazelnut pastry. This delicacy of hazelnut foam built up in airy layers enjoys national fame!

Dordrecht Pleasure
Comic book shop Sjors - Dordrecht - Scheffersplein - comic books

On the corner of the square you will find Stripwinkel Sjors (Scheffersplein, Tolbrug 1). Not a Dordrecht product, but a household name for over 40 years in Dordrecht and far beyond. The more than 40,000 comics from all corners of the world and for all ages make you dizzy. Besides being fun to read, they are often exceptionally beautiful. At Sjors you can easily spend hours!

Comic Strip Shop Sjors

Hello Dordrecht

Voorstraat 276

At Hallo Dordrecht you get everything from and about Dordrecht. Drop by this cozy store for Dordrecht souvenirs, gifts, delicacies and other fun gadgets.

Hello Dordrecht
Bookstore De Nieuwe Bengel - Dordrecht - Vriesestraat - books

Bookstore De Nwe Bengel is not only a feast for the eyes, you will also find all kinds of books by and about Dordrecht and Dordrians, such as the collections of the famous Dordrecht poet C. Buddingh' or the acclaimed Johan de Witt trilogy by Jean-Marc van Tol, in which, as a reader, you really find yourself in the Dordrecht of 1650.

Bookstore the New Bengal
Wijngaard De Bilderhof - Dordrecht - wine

Wine has been made on the Island of Dordrecht since 2002. Wijngaard Bilderhof also became the first Dutch vineyard to win gold for both their white and red wine. Curious how that tastes? You can find the Bilderhof wines at places like Slijterij Van Pelt and VVV Dordrecht.

Liquor Store van Pelt

Grandpa & An


Stroll down the Voorstraat to visit Opa & An's cozy store. Among the beautiful home accessories, you'll also find Dordrecht skyline postcards by illustrator Ms. Emmer and the cool pillows from De Stadsfabriek featuring a silkscreen of the majestic Dordrecht Grote Kerk.

Grandpa & An

City Brewery Dordrecht

Buddingh'plein 20

Stadsbrouwerij Dordrecht is not just any brewery. In this professional microbrewery, the beer is brewed in a very artisanal way by volunteers and interns mainly from the MBO. The brewery is occasionally open and on Saturday afternoons there are guided tours. The Schapenkopje beer is available at various catering establishments and stores in Dordrecht.

City Brewery Dordrecht
Finn's Dordrecht - terrace - diner - restaurant - lunch

Finn's or restaurant Lef

Blauwsppoortlein 13

With all those sweet Dordt delicacies behind you, you can burn off the calories in no time with a nice walk along the beautiful Dordt harbours. Enjoy all the beauty along the way and finish at Finn's (Blauwpoortsplein 13) or the neighbours of restaurant Lef (Blauwpoortsplein 15) for a drink or dinner.

Finn's Food and Drink

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