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Dordrecht breathes history and culture. From the broad art collection of the Dordrecht Museum, to modern cultural center Energiehuis, to galleries to events and festivals: in Dordrecht, there is culture for everyone.

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Museums with a story

At the Dordrechts Museum, admire Dutch painting from 1500 to the present. Besides a wonderful permanent collection, the Dordrechts Museum also has impressive changing exhibitions. This museum has existed since 1842, making it one of the oldest museums in the Netherlands. Hof van Nederland is a museum for everyone, here city and national history comes to life in various ways. This monumental building was the setting for the Birth of the Netherlands.

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A journey through time

In Huis van Gijn, time has stood still for over a hundred years. This is the former home of businessman and collector Simon van Gijn. His beautiful house is now a museum, where you can experience up close how an upper-class family lived around 1900. The National Education Museum has the largest education collection in the world and takes you through education from the past to the future. The museum is housed in a beautiful building designed by Sybold van Ravesteyn.

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Galleries and exhibition spaces

The Art Church is a work of art in itself! On this beautiful facade you will see something new every time. Inside you will enjoy changing exhibitions of contemporary art and photography. Drawing Society Pictura was founded in 1774, making it the oldest (still existing) artists' society in the Netherlands. As a platform for contemporary art, Pictura organizes 8 exhibitions a year. Atelier Gerhard Lentink is known for its wooden works of art with a mythological character. The old boys' school houses several artists, only Lentink's studio can be visited. There are many more galleries and exhibition spaces in Dordrecht, check them out here.

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Culture in monuments

Dordrecht has more than 1,000 monuments! Therefore, in a true city of monuments, you enjoy culture in monuments. For example, by watching a film in De Witt. Note: closed until the end of June. Or enjoy a theater performance in Kunstmin, often awarded by artists as the most beautiful theater in the Netherlands. This national monument was built in 1889. The Energiehuis is a former power plant and now a cultural center offering a diverse range of music, theater, dance, art and design.

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Evening out

For a cozy evening in Dordrecht, there are several places to go. You can dance the night away in Bibelot or Het Dolhuis. At Kinepolis, you can enjoy the latest blockbusters on the big screen. Here there are no fewer than 6 modern movie theaters and a café with a fantastic view of the Wantij. There are also great outdoor activities on warmer days, such as films in the Kloostertuin, Wantijpop and Big Rivers.

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