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Culinary delights in Dordrecht

There is no shortage of good restaurants and cafes in Dordrecht. Walking through the city, you are bound to come across something cozy. There is something for everyone. We have highlighted a few that are located in beautiful historical locations and where you can eat delicious food.

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Rood Wit Rosé wijnbar proeverij restaurant Voorstraat Noord lente Dordrecht (1)

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Cocktail bar Blauwpoort Dordrecht

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Stadsbrasserie de Witt eating drinking catering lunch downtown Dordrecht (1)

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De Beren Dordrecht

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Otto e Mezzo - Terrace - Vismarkt - Nieuwe Haven
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Tigerr Benger winkelen herenkleding dameskleding design Tolbrug Dordrecht (1)
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Update je garderobe

15 juni 2024
DRIJF rondvaarten havens groepen recreatie centrum Dordrecht (1)
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Genieten op het water

08 juni 2024
Café de tijd horeca eten drinken Voorstraat Noord Dordrecht (1)
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Proef de smaak van de lente, in je glas!

28 mei 2024
Het Gemaal restaurant horeca eten drinken terras lente Dordrecht (2)
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Nieuws uit de stad #30

22 mei 2024
Uitgelichte afbeelding reel L'Archiviste
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Nieuwe (geheime) hotspot L'Archiviste

17 mei 2024
Stadshotel Steegoversloot Christa's food drink hospitality overnight downtown Dordrecht (1)
Food & Drink

5x delicious lunches in the heart of the city

May 10, 2024

The Flavours of Dordrecht

Dordrecht has more than enough to offer the epicurean. In the heart of the city, you will find the Scheffersplein, Dordrecht's hospitality square. Around the statue of Ary Scheffer, you can enjoy all kinds of goodies in the sun from early spring onwards. Do you prefer to sit by the water?

Then settle down at the Groothoofd with a beautiful view of the famous three-river point, the busiest river junction in Europe. Here you find yourself in a place that has been immortalised by many an artist over the centuries. But don't forget to wander along the harbours and through the small side streets for all kinds of nice coffee corners, lunch spots, restaurants, wine bars and hidden terraces in beautiful city gardens.

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