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Are you an entrepreneur in the (inner) city of Dordrecht in the field of shopping, tourism, recreation, hospitality or accommodation? InDordrecht.nlis the website to discover Dordrecht and your business may not be missing!

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Is your business already listed on InDordrecht.nl? The website InDordrecht.nl offers visitors and residents inspiration and information in the field of leisure in the form of tips, news, vlogs, blogs and theme pages. In addition, the website also contains extensive overviews of locations and events in Dordrecht. Through intensive cooperation with the Promotie Binnenstad Dordrecht (POBD), the site is the channel for the most up-to-date information.
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Free photography and texts

We are happy to help local, downtown business owners with photography and text. Take advantage of the opportunity to have professional photos and text for your business created free of charge for placement on www.InDordrecht.nl that you can also use on your own website or social media.

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Body Shop grooming shop Dordrecht

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Then choose the Partnership of Dordrecht Marketing & Partners and thereby support our work and receive a prominent mention on InDordrecht.nl. With you, we would like to put Dordrecht on the map and ensure that visitors, residents and tourists come (and continue to) visit and discover the city.

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New: Do Dordrecht Gift

A new local gift voucher has been set up: the Doe Dordrecht Kado. This voucher gives local entrepreneurs a helping hand. The beauty of the Doe Dordrecht Kado is that the redeemed value of the voucher goes to the shopkeepers and catering establishments where the voucher is spent. Moreover, participation is free.
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Do Dordrecht Kado gift voucher worth 25 euros

Participate in arrangements for groups?

To make a group visit to Dordrecht as easy as possible, Dordrecht Marketing & Partners offers the service of the Group Reservations Department. This specialized department takes care of the entire visit from a to z and acts as an intermediary between the business community and the consumer. The complete day trips or separate components such as city walks, museum visits, city games, lunches and dinners are offered on a separate website and brochure. Through direct contact with tour operators, bus companies and cruise ships the needs of these target groups are met.

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E-chopper groups activities Dordrecht

Dordt Vlogt

Our vlog star Vera Britt visits new businesses in downtown Dordrecht every month. The fun vlogs with news from the inner city offer inspiration for shopping, catering and much more. The vlogs are made i.c.w. Promotie Binnenstad Dordrecht (POBD) and come online on InDordrecht.nl and social media.

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Dordt Vlogt Treasures of Dordrecht Miniature

Dordrecht Maggezien

Periodically, the Dordrecht Maggezien is published. The editors compile an overview of the best events, new stores and restaurants, tips, interviews and hotspots. Dordrecht Maggezien is distributed door-to-door in Dordrecht and can be viewed online.

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Dordrecht Marketing & Partners, in cooperation with the Municipality of Dordrecht, takes care of the promotion of Dordrecht and the region. Would you like to know more about us or work together? Visit DordrechtMarketingenPartners.nl for more information.