Grab a bike and head out!

The wind in your hair, your gaze on the horizon and the beautiful landscape slowly passing by. For beautiful cycling routes, Dordrecht is the perfect place: In our region you can make wonderful our region. Discover places that you have never seen before on your bicycle!

Some examples of cycle routes are briefly described below. Would you like to cycle them? Then visit the VVV where the routes are for sale, or look in the VVV Webshop.

A number of long-distance bicycle routes also run through the region, such as Eurovelo 19-Maasroute and Eurovelo 15-Rijnfietsroute. Dordrecht lies on the F16 express cycle route, this route runs along the A16 motorway, largely on existing cycle paths.

Explore the Island of Dordrecht

With the Eiland van Dordrecht & Biesbosch cycle route (43 km), you will discover the beautiful historical inner city of Dordrecht. You will cycle over the Eiland van Dordrecht with its polders, dykes and creeks. Take a ferry crossing to the Brabant shore to explore the Biesbosch National Park.

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On the bike from Dordrecht to Kinderdijk and the Biesbosch

Cycle route from Dordrecht to Kinderdijk and the Dutch Biesbosch (33 or 43 km). It is a junction route from Dordrecht where you can experience culture in the oldest city in Holland. Take the Waterbus to cross over to Alblasserdam and cycle on to the Kinderdijk World Heritage Site. After this, you will make a beautiful ride through the Alblasserwaard and even through the Dutch Biesbosch.

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Kinderdijk World Heritage Site - mills region

Enjoy nature in the "Nieuwe Dordtse Biesbosch"

Two cycle routes (12.5 and 18 km) through the nature and recreation area De Nieuwe Dordtse Biesbosch. Until 2017, this was an agricultural area. Now it has a sustainable and resilient water system and forms a buffer between National Park De Biesbosch and the city of Dordrecht. It is approximately 530 hectares in size.
You will cycle past places of interest that make the route even more fun.

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Get on your bike and pedal!

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Cycling Dok Straatman Roobrug ports Dordrecht
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From historic centre to green polders

Dordrecht has much more to offer than just its beautiful historic inner city. From the centre, you can cycle in a short time to De Biesbosch National Park, where you can enjoy the unique nature. In the polders of the island of Dordrecht, you can enjoy nature, water and peace.

Are you visiting our city for the weekend and didn't bring your bike? Then hire an (electric) bike from the VVV, which is easy and quick.

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