Shopping Sarisgang ONLY Dordrecht

Unique shopping in Dordrecht

The variety of large chain shops in combination with local shops makes shopping in Dordrecht extra fun!
Every Thursday evening, you can enjoy shopping during the evening sales and on Sundays, the shops in the inner city are open.

You can also take the Kunstrondje Dordt walk! In addition to their regular opening hours, all participating shops are also open every first Sunday afternoon of the month during Kunstrondje Dordt. Here you can look for that one particular book or browse through all kinds of curiosities.

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Bahlmann mode - Dordrecht - Voorstraat - women's fashion


Alexander Roodfeld Menswear - Dordrecht - Visstraat


Jac Hensen Dordrecht - Visstraat - menswear - shoes


Art, antiques & brocante

Kind Zo Blij children's fashion shop Dordrecht

Children's fashion

Hobby shop | Leisure

Hobby & Leisure

Shopping in surprising shops

The shopping heart of Dordrecht is the Statenplein and the shopping streets that lead onto it. These are certainly worthwhile, but dare to leave the beaten track! Here you will find the best local shops and boutiques. A day in the city is not complete without a tour along all these shops. You will not only find surprising shops in the centre of Dordrecht, but also the historical surroundings are beautiful.

Great shopping routes
Alexander Roodfeld menswear shopping Visstraat Dordrecht

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Miniatures Dordt Vlogt - vlog 9

Give the Do Dordrecht Gift

If you are looking for a nice gift, DOe Dordrecht kado, a gift from the city! This is the new local Dordrecht gift card. A real Dordrecht gift that you can spend (also online) at more than 100 Dordrecht shops, cultural events and restaurants. An original gift for someone you love and a nice gesture towards the local entrepreneurs.

Doe Dordrecht Kado
Do Dordrecht Gift Voucher-50EUR

The best shopping streets

Shop Bagijnhof

Shopping in Visstraat and Bagijnhof

Opa & An Dordrecht - Voorstraat West - home furnishing shopping

Shopping on Voorstraat West and Grote Spuistraat

Vriesestraat Dordrecht Rutte

Shopping in the Vriesestraat

Statenplein fountain Dordrecht

Shopping at the Statenplein and surroundings

Shopping Dordrecht Stoer Spul Voorstraat middle augustijn

Shopping around Scheffersplein

Shopping Sarisgang ONLY Dordrecht

Shopping on the Sarisgang and the Achterom

Rockin Items shopping Voorstraat Noord Dordrecht

Shopping at Voorstraat North

Fresh from the weekly market

Where can you find the freshest ingredients for a delicious meal or a drink? Exactly: at the liveliest weekly market in the Netherlands. The choice is huge and healthy in the city centre of Dordrecht. On the Statenplein, the focus is mainly on foodstuffs and on the Sarisgang more on consumer goods such as fabrics, care products and flowers.

Where: Statenplein and Sarisgang
When: Friday and Saturday

Read more about the weekly market
Weekly market Dordrecht fruit and vegetables

Surprising shopping routes

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Distillery Rutte - Dordrecht - liqueur tasting

Made in Dordrecht

12 Locations

With your nose in the books

17 Locations
Rockin Items shopping Voorstraat Noord Dordrecht

Tour Féminin - Shopping route for women

15 Locations
menswear Dordrecht

Dordrecht makes the man

14 Locations

Shoes & the City

11 Locations
Atelier Wereldwijven - Dordrecht - Wijnstraat - housing development

A world tour through Dordrecht

13 Locations
City Roastery - Dordrecht - coffee - coffee beans

Sustainable Dordrecht

13 Locations
Shopping in the historic centre of Dordrecht

An island full of bric-a-brac

10 Locations

Shopping centres in the suburbs

Shopping centres

Sterrenburg shopping centre

P.A. de Kok Square 171
Shopping centres

Bieshof Shopping Centre

Van Eesterenplein
Shopping centres

Shopping centre Crabbehof

Kranenburgstraat 2
Shopping centres

Damplein Shopping Centre

Dubbelsteijnlaan West 92

Experience shopping in Dordrecht

Shopping in Dordrecht is anything but standard. The city is rich in local shops that you will not find anywhere else. The heart of the shopping area is at the Statenplein, where you will also find the big chains. Would you like to immerse yourself completely in art, antiques and bric-a-brac? Then go exploring, for example, the Vriesestraat and imagine yourself between the centuries-old buildings.

There is also a rich variety of fashion shops for both men and women. Do you, as a man, not want to miss any of these shops? Then follow the shopping route 'Dordrecht makes the man'. For women, there is a 'Feminine Tour'. You can also experience 'Sustainable Dordrecht' or go on a world tour and experience the special smells, colours and tastes that the city has to offer.

Shopping Visstraat de Crimp Gulden Os