Atelier Wereldwijven - Dordrecht - Wijnstraat - housing development

A world tour through Dordrecht

Sometimes you don't have to hop on a plane to be surprised by other tastes, smells or worlds. Stimulate your senses and your imagination with this shopping route along other cultures and stories. A trip around the world along Dordrecht stores and restaurants.


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Toko Dingo - Dordrecht - Spuiweg - Asian supermarket

Toko Dingo

Spuiweg 62

We start off nice and tropical with Toko Dingo, a household name in town for more than 20 years. Here you can buy all the ingredients for your Indian rice table or baras, but also freshly prepared meals from Surinamese, Javanese and Hindustani cuisine, afro cosmetics and hair extensions. A real tropical supermarket!

Toko Dingo
Special Edition - Dordrecht - Spuiweg - Japanese - books - DVD

A few doors down, you suddenly find yourself in Tokyo. That's because Special Edition's store is all about modern Japanese art and pop culture. Here you will discover the world of Japanese anime, manga, games, J-pop, K-pop, J-rock, Japanese and Korean food and many more wonders from the land of the rising sun. Also feel free to plop down in the lounge to game with a Japanese drink or tasty snack.

Special Edition

Piacere Italiano

Grote Spuistraat 45

For a touch of la dolce vita italiana in your daily life, cross the Spuiboulevard and walk into the Italian deli Piacere Italiano. Delicious Italian meats, cheeses and olives, but also 'just' a cup of real Neapolitan coffee, sandwiches and delicious pizzas: you will find it all here.

Piacere Italiano
Aseans Market Dordrecht - Asian supermarket - Voorstraat Dordrecht - Toko

Toko Asians Market

Voorstraat 322

At the end of the street you come to Voorstraat, which has no fewer than two Asian tokos. Aseans Market sells not only Asian ingredients but also (gift) items from the Far East such as tableware and the famous beckoning lucky cats.

Toko Asians Market

Not only your senses can take you to other worlds; your imagination can do something too. The wonderful books from children's and youth bookstore The Giraffe let you travel in your mind and take you to new worlds with their wonderful stories and beautiful prints.

Children's bookshop De Giraf

Travel Store

Voorstraat 296

Do you really want to travel? Then plan your dream trip with the experts at the Travel Store, located in the beautiful monumental Waalse Kerk. They have a specialist for every destination. Taking care of your worries is their main priority, so you can start enjoying the vacation in advance.

Travel Store
Boekhandel Vos & vd Leer - Dordrecht - Visstraat - books - bookshop - auction house

With a stack of travel books, the vacation fun begins. At Vos & Van der Leer you are sure to find the travel guide to your destination. Or travel in your mind to other places with foreign literature that unfolds other worlds for you.

Vos & Van der Leer bookshop
Toko de Rijsttafel - Dordrecht - Asian food - Voorstraat

Toko the Rice Table

Voorstraat 319

A little further on, at toko De Rijsttafel you can buy all kinds of exotic ingredients from Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian and Surinamese cuisine, fresh tofu and vegetables, dried herbs and all kinds of other ingredients you didn't know existed. How wonderful it will smell in your kitchen!

Toko the Rice Table

Mezze Gourmet

Voorstraat 266

At Mezze Gourmet, fresh tapas and olives are prepared daily with love. You will find various types of cold tapas, tzatziki, garlic sauce, stuffed peppers and various types of olives and feta cheese products. Delicious to take home with you.

Mezze Gourmet
Lunchroom Helena - Dordrecht - Voorstraat - lunch

Lunchroom Helena

Voorstraat 263

Want to take your taste buds on another world tour? At Lunchroom Helena, thanks to the cooking skills of Iranian Chia and Javanese Kim, you will travel along the culinary version of the Silk Road with the most delicious (lunch) dishes from both Persian and Indian cuisine.

Lunchroom Helena
Broodbar Boer'n Bontje Dordrecht - lunch - sandwich shop

Boer'n Bontje

Voorstraat 257

With deliciously filled pides, simits, baras, roti and köfteburgers, Jermain and Özlem of Broodbar Boer'n Bontje dish up the best of Surinamese, Turkish and Dutch (bread) cuisine. You can taste the love for the authentic cuisines and dishes as their mothers and grandmothers prepared them.

Boer'n Bontje

World shop Dordrecht

Voorstraat 204

At the World Shop, you bring all kinds of beautiful things from distant cultures into your home. Beautiful Tuareg jewelry, scarves from Nepal, toys from Central America, pottery from Africa and all kinds of goodies from the different world cuisines. Here you shop original gifts and honest food from other cultures, made with respect for people and the environment. Don't forget the world music collection of the Putumayo label! In no time you will find yourself swinging on your favorite continent.

World shop
Atelier Wereldwijven - Dordrecht - Wijnstraat - housing development

Behind the beautiful monumental facade of Voorstraat 178, diverse cultures are connected by needle and thread. This is where the inspiring Wereldwijven Ateliers is housed. More than 85 women with roots in all corners of the world - from Iraq, Iran, Morocco and Turkey, to Somalia, Burundi and the Antilles, but also simply from the Netherlands - incorporate their craftsmanship and embroidery skills into a beautiful collection of cushions.

Worldly Wives Ateliers

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