Round Dordt

The city walk Rondje Dordt takes you past all the beautiful places in the historic center of Dordrecht.

Walk along the harbors with its many monuments, visit a museum along the way or enjoy a drink on a terrace. The route is 5 km but you can walk as long as you like. Follow the signs in town or buy the route booklet with lots of background information and photos. You can also follow the route with the izi-Travel app on your smartphone.

Here is a preview of some of the highlights on this route. Buy the route booklet or follow the red signs in town if you want to walk the entire Rondje Dordt.


VVV Dordrecht

Spuiboulevard 99

Start your Rondje Dordt at the VVV tourist information office. Here you can buy the route booklet and get other information about Dordrecht.

VVV Dordrecht

Arend Maartenshof

Museumstraat 52

When you walk into the court, you will see the regents' room on the right. Press the light switch next to the door and look through the windows at the beautiful ceiling and the portraits of the regents who ruled the court in the 17th century.

Arend Maartenshof

The Insolent

Wijnstraat 123-125

Look up at the facade decoration at house number 123/125: a naked boy. That is why the building has the name De Onbeschaamde (The Impertinent). Around 1650, three brothers Van Beveren are said to have made a bet. Who among them could place the most offensive façade decoration?

The Insolent


Boomstraat / Palingstraat 37

Walk through this gate and enjoy the beautiful view of the river junction. The Oude Maas, Noord and Beneden Merwede rivers flow together here. If you look up, you will see the coat of arms of Dordrecht held by two griffins.


Schroevendok Straatman

t.o. Kuipershaven 169-182

On the left in the water is the monumental Schroevendok Straatman, a national monument and a landmark of the Wolwevershaven. It belonged to Machinefabriek L. Straatman Ketelmakerij, which was located on the Kuipershaven from 1902 to 1996.

Schroevendok Straatman

When you look up at the largest building, you see Father Time. On his head he is wearing an hourglass, as a sign of transience and the temporary nature of life. On the wings to the left and right of the hourglass are a bat and an eagle.

Huis Vader Tijd
Visit Dordrecht - Nieuwe Haven -Grote Kerk

Grote Kerk Dordrecht

Lange Geldersekade 2

One of the most striking highlights of Dordrecht. As you can see, the tower is extremely leaning (almost 2 meters out of plumb). It is even more askew than the world-famous Tower of Pisa.

Grote Kerk Dordrecht

Town Hall

Town Hall Square 1

The history of the Town Hall starts in 1383. At that time, the building served as a covered market hall for Flemish merchants. In 1544, the city council chose it as its seat. Nowadays, the Town Hall is used for official receptions, council meetings and wedding ceremonies. The large attic still houses the wooden prison cells that were in use until 1870.

Town Hall

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