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The city map of Dordrecht is a handy and clear map and can be picked up free of charge from VVV Dordrecht or ordered from the VVV web shop. The city map is useful for visitors to find their way around the city, but if you are already a little familiar with Dordrecht, you can still discover new things. The city map includes tips on all the sights, museums, cinemas, culture and nightlife. It also lists the embarkation points of various canal cruises. An extensive Falk map of Dordrecht and its surroundings is also available from VVV Dordrecht and the VVV web shop.

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Discover the city of Dordrecht

Dordrecht is a city of water, history and culture. The city embraces its rich past, in which it flourished as a trading post and where, among other things, the foundations were laid for the Kingdom of the Netherlands. This history can still be seen today with the countless monuments that the city has. Besides history, water and the struggle with water has also shaped Dordrecht. This struggle gave the city - with its own three-river point - its character, picturesque harbours, but also the unique Biesbosch National Park. Discover the oldest city in Holland and taste the atmosphere of a city that is still writing history.

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City map Dordrecht
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