Tour Bird Art along 10 murals

Bird art makes the Vogelbuurt in Dordrecht more beautiful and creative. Walk the "Tour Vogelkunst" and also enjoy a cup of tea or coffee afterwards at Het Vogelnest.

Nine end facades of flats owned by Woonbron and a long front and side facade of the stores on Vogelplein, have received murals of about 100 m2 each. Professional and amateur artists from the Drechtsteden and Rotterdam collaborated. This route is about 1 km so very suitable for walking.


  • If you would like to learn more about Bird Art, you can walk or bike the tour with a guide. Contact Lotti Hesper for more information.
  • You can combine this route with the Street Art route through the center of Dordrecht and turn it into a bicycle tour.
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Cormorant Street 64

Ode to Jacob Cats | Elvira van Bochove

After the start of the Synod of Dordrecht in 1618, a comet could be seen in the sky. Folk poet Jacob Cats (1577-1660) saw in it a divine sign that disputed issues could be resolved, in a new light. Children from the neighborhood drew the chicks of this Cormorant fish, referring to the centuries-old bond of Dordrechters with water.



Cormorant Street 22

Riq Etiq (Rik van der Neut)

During the concept, a meaning for the work is conceived. When this work is placed in the public space, the well-intentioned meaning changes rather quickly. The opinions of local residents of the Vogelbuurt neighborhood are unvarnished and as diverse as the local residents themselves. But if you don't like it and live right across the street from the mural, you can justifiably be called an unlucky person.


Second Wind

Cormorant Street 115

Paul Schmitz

After overcoming my addiction, I created two paintings to represent my life as an addict (death) and my life after addiction (life). You see the latter in front of you. The planes are a warning for the rest of my life. Painting has now become an essential part of my life!


As free as a bird

Cormorant Street 91

Iris Kadijk i.c.w. Tessa Jongerius

Birds and other animals are not always appreciated by humans. But birds do not have the same problems as humans. No birds are excluded and they don't have to fear being bullied. Feel free as a bird, be yourself!


Bantering grebes

Cormorant Street 55

Remco van Hoek

Perky grebes swim together through their neighborhood. The water, stirred by the grebes, reflects the air of us all. To me, the grebe is one of the most beautiful birds in the neighborhood; she also fits perfectly into my repertoire of local Biesbosch animals.


Birds on a wire

Bittern Street 2

Jannette in 't Veld

A row of cheerfully colored birds represents the people who live here. From young to old, families, couples and people alone, from all over the world. Together they form a colorful neighborhood with sweet, helpful and talkative people. It was a joy to realize this, thank you for the many positive reactions.


Joy is just around the corner

Black-headed Gull Street 6

Danny le Bruin (Street Face)

The hummingbird symbolizes a strong bird that quickly adapts itself and overcomes its problems. On this wall, he tries to achieve his goal just as the Bird Neighborhood residents of different backgrounds do. The plants on the mural can also be seen in the neighborhood gardens.


The House Sparrow

Pluvier Street 6

Maarten & Marije Mooren

'The House Sparrow' was created especially for the Bird Neighborhood. Along the sparrow, symbol of every resident who likes to have a permanent home, you look into his Bird Neighborhood home: an apartment dating back to the 1950s.


The Meeting

Snip Street 6

Nina Valkhoff

Nina Valkhoff likes to paint flora and fauna, often with a magical touch. With this mural, she wants to bring nature into the city. The lotus flowers and leaves give the feeling of a pond, where the goose and swan meet. The "prettier" swan takes a bow to the goose, who is on a pedestal for this time.


Bird Art Bird Square

Bird Square 34

Nina Valkhoff i.c.w. Elwin Plaisier

Multiple bird-themed murals and botanical garden by artist Nina Valkhoff around the windows and on the side wall of entrepreneurs G-KA Bakery, Shoarma store Pyramid and Özde Supermarket.

Look for more information about these murals on the nameplates on site.


At the end of your bird art tour, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee at The Bird's Nest. 

The Bird's Nest is a coffee bar where we can meet, chat, drink coffee and do many fun things.

The Bird's Nest

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