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Dordrecht, (re)discovering

You can think of Dordrecht as an undiscovered gem. The Times placed the city in a list of 30 European undiscovered destinations for a reason! Many people know the well-known saying: The closer you get to Dordt..., but often they have no idea about the city and have not even visited it before.

That is why we always say: wait until you walk around and see how you can really enjoy Dordrecht!
Already familiar with the inner city? We are sure to have some great tips for you! Think of walkingand cycling routes through and outside the centre, discovering Dordrecht from the water and special tips for the whole family! Time for a short discovery tour of the oldest city in Holland.

Round Dordt

Dordrecht is beautiful with all its monuments, historic city center and special stores. The Rondje Dordt takes you along the most beautiful places in historic Dordrecht. Along the way, you can visit a museum, go shopping or enjoy a cup of coffee on a terrace. The route is 5 km and you can walk according to the walking booklet or follow the signposts with 'Rondje Dordt'.

Walking Vleeshouwerstraat Kunstrondje Dordt art and antiques Dordrecht
Street Art tour Dordrecht

Street Art Tour

Kraek den Code children's walk in the centre of Dordrecht

Children's walks

Bock beer DubbelBock Schapenkopje Stadsbrouwerij autumn VVV Dordrecht

The Dordrecht beer and wine tour

Pandora - Dordrecht - Wijnstraat - antiques - brocante - books

Art Tour Dordt

Grab a bike!

The wind in your hair, your gaze on the horizon and the beautiful landscape slowly passing by. For beautiful cycling routes, Dordrecht is the perfect place: in our region you can make beautiful trips. The beauty of cycling in the Dordrecht area is the enormous variety. The three highlights: National Park the Biesbosch, World Heritage Site Kinderdijk and historic downtown Dordrecht are all within easy reach in one day of cycling. Tip: you can rent (electric) bicycles at the VVV tourist office.


New Dordtse Biesbosch cycling family nature Dordrecht

National Park The Biesbosch

National Park De Biesbosch is one of the few freshwater tidal areas in Europe. It was created some 600 years ago after the Sint Elisabethflood in 1421. In the centuries that followed, the effects of ebb and flood created a rugged nature reserve with willows, reeds and capricious creeks. The Biesbosch is home to the largest rodent in Europe: the beaver. Besides the beaver, many other special animal species live here and the Biesbosch is also known as a world-famous bird-watching area.

National Park de Biesbosch autumn nature dog Dordrecht

Explore the city with Dordrecht Tours

Discover Dordrecht and its surroundings in an original way with the e-city mobile of Dordrecht Tours. Take a 100% electric tour through the inner city of Dordrecht along and explaining all the sights. The inner city of Dordrecht has more than 1,000 monuments. A tour to the Biesbosch and in the Drechtsteden is also among the possibilities.

City Tours are possible on all days of the week also for team outings, weddings, children's parties and shuttles. The e-city mobile can accommodate 20 people and can be rented by the hour and by the day.

Be surprised by all the beauty

To the museum

Grotekerksbuurt Large Church monument Dordrecht

History and monuments

National Park De Biesbosch round trip children family Dordrecht

Biesbosch National Park

Cinema film De Witt Dordrecht culture going out

Culture and entertainment

Follow the way of the water

The island of Dordrecht is surrounded by water. If you keep following the flow of the river, you will end up in the most beautiful places. The best way to see the city is from the water. With a canal cruise, the enthusiastic boatmen will be happy to show you the historic harbors, special bridges, dark vistas and colossal warehouses.

Wijnhaven Boat Rental Dordrecht

Discover Dordrecht your way

Nieuwe Haven recreation culture sightseeing Grote Kerk Dordrecht

On the road in the city

Get on a boat

Cycle a nice route

group outing with e-chopper in Dordrecht

Rent a bike or chopper

Rockin Items shopping Voorstraat Noord Dordrecht

Surprising shopping routes

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Things to do in the neighbourhoods


Discover Landgoed Dordwijk

Dordwijklaan 6

Visit the deer park

Park tussen Singel, Groenedijk en Vrieseweg

Weizigt NMC

Van Baerleplantsoen 30

Wandering through Wantijpark

Baden-Powellaan 1

Playing at "de Victorie"

Heijsterbachstraat 103
Shopping centres

Market on the Damplein

Dubbelsteijnlaan West 92
Sports venues

Calisthenics in the Sterrenburg Park

Ter hoogte van Copernicusweg
Biesbosch National Park
Outdoor venues

The "Nieuwe Dordtse Biesbosch"

Noorder Elsweg

Especially close in Dordrecht

For those who love history or for those who will write history later. For those who love art and culture, or for those who seek adventure. Dordrecht is so much more than just a beautiful city centre. During your visit, you can explore as many of the more than one thousand monuments as possible and a visit to the Grote Kerk is certainly not to be missed.

The city is inextricably linked with water, which brings experience to a whole new level. Step onto the boat at Wijnhaven and sail straight through the city towards Oude Maas. You can choose to continue the trip to the Biesbosch or do it by bike. Before you know it, you are in the middle of nature. This is what makes Dordrecht so special: art, culture and history in the city centre and a national park in your backyard.

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