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5 x nature in Dordrecht

Enjoy plenty of greenery in and around Dordrecht! From the historic inner city, you can sail to the beautiful Biesbosch National Park in no time.

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1. Biesbosch National Park

Visit Nationaal Park de Biesbosch for a unique nature experience, it is one of the few freshwater tidal areas in Europe. This adventurous maze of rivers, water basins and willow forests is located 5 km from Dordrecht city centre. The Nieuwe Merwede river crosses the nature reserve, so that part of the national park is on the island of Dordrecht and part is in Noord-Brabant. Discover this rugged nature by whisper boat, canoe, sup or on foot. Spot the many birds, fish and maybe even a beaver!

Nature - sailing

2. Wantijpark

What makes this park unique are the remains of a military training area. There is also a fenced-off animal pasture with all kinds of animals: goats, sheep, geese and different kinds of ducks. For sports enthusiasts, there are also various athletic facilities. The park was designed in the English landscape style. This is reflected in the winding paths, the natural shapes of the ponds and the alternation of trees and grass. Besides the tranquillity, the park also hosts fun events such as Wantijlive and Wantijpop!

Wantijpop Dordtse Feesten Wantijpark Dordrecht

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3. New Dordt Biesbosch

The Nieuwe Dordtse Biesbosch is a new, varied nature and recreation area close to the city. The area is developing into a Biesbosch-like landscape with a sustainable, robust water system as its basis. The nature and recreation areas run into each other and reinforce each other. Until a few years ago, this was entirely agricultural land. Now it has a sustainable and resilient water system and forms a buffer between the Biesbosch National Park and Dordrecht. There are plenty of opportunities for cycling and walking.

City trip Netherlands Hiking New Dordtse Biesbosch Dordrecht

4. Weizigtpark

The Weizigtpark is the ideal place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city centre. The beautiful paths, fountains and special trees make this park special. The Weizigt Sustainability Centre in the (former) coach house is located in the park. You can visit the city farm, gardens, climate greenhouse, aquarama and apiary there.

Weizigtpark Dordrecht outdoor locations

5. Park Merwestein

Park Merwestein is the oldest city park in Dordrecht. Because the park is so old, there are also many old trees to be found. There is an animal meadow with a group of fallow deer. It is a unique park with large lawns (ideal for a picnic!), many trees, winding paths and water.

Park Merwestein - Dordrecht

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