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All sides to shopping in Dordrecht

Discovering new gems: that just makes a day of shopping more fun. In Dordrecht, this is perfectly possible with fun shopping routes with their own theme.

Small and big happiness guaranteed during these walks through Dordrecht. Are you ready to tick off a "bucket list within the city limits"? We know the Kalverstraat or the Koopgoot by now. The well-known, large chains live there side by side. Nothing wrong with that in itself, but it's all a bit standardized in the streetscape. While some individuality, diversity and originality during a day of shopping can be so refreshing. Discovering new gems: that only makes a day out shopping more fun. Dordrecht is an excellent place to do just that.

From antiques and bric-a-brac to the finest shoes

For the finest brocante, for example, you don't have to go especially to French flea markets. Atmospheric stores in historic streets are also abundant in Dordrecht! What about Petit Commerce at Vleeshouwersstraat 13? Lace christening gowns, country pottery, garden decorations, statues of the Virgin Mary, crystal: no shortage of trinkets. On Voorstraat, Woonmol also invites you to browse the store.

But there are many more examples of unique stores. Do not forget the Voorstraat-Noord: the walhalla for art, curios and antique lovers. Does your heart not necessarily beat faster for brocante, but all the more for shoes? Then the Shoes & The City route undoubtedly offers the solution. Summer sandals, comfortable sports shoes, stylish loafers, high heels, cowboy boots, ballerinas, sneakers: the choice is vast.

Stoer Spul - Dordrecht - Voorstraat - brocante

Shopping routes for him and her

The idea that shopping is mainly a woman's thing is far from true. After all, there are plenty of men who are at least as vain and like to look good. The shopping route 'Dordrecht makes the man' is perfect for those who love beautiful things. In Dordrecht, every man can find a wardrobe with all the trimmings. Of course, there is also ample opportunity to think of the inner man. Because shopping makes you hungry!

For ladies, there is the shopping route Tour Féminen. Whether you go for the latest trends or prefer a classic look: options abound. This route is characterized by a variety of fashion, accessories, personal care and fine hospitality. In Dordrecht, you can literally and figuratively go either way.

Jac Hensen - Dordrecht - Visstraat - menswear - clothing

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