The Household Mole

The Woonmol, found on the Voorstraat, has existed since July 1, 2021. The collection consists of a combination of second-hand home accessories and new home & lifestyle accessories. It is also possible to have a piece of furniture given a new look at De Woonmol or they will help you look for one. De Woonmol is a store that wants to inspire, amaze and surprise you. Because at De Woonmol - open from Wednesday to Saturday - you can certainly be surprised by original home furnishing products!

You'll feast your eyes in this store full of home decorating finds and gadgets. So you can create your own atmosphere in your home. From vases to vintage items and small furniture to art. Feel free to mix and match the items with each other. In the cozy monumental building, De Woonmol provides a changing collection, not to mention coziness and atmosphere. If you are less well known in Dordrecht, De Woonmol will gladly show you the way in the city and give you tips for even more fun stores.

De Woonmol is an official retailer of Fusion Mineral Paint. An environmentally friendly acrylic paint with little preparation, excellent coverage and is available in over 50 colors.

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De Woonmol shopping home store Dordrecht

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Sept. 16, 2023

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