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Three moves in the city

Plenty of relocations in Dordrecht! Several companies recently chose a new home port. And what entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs who have certainly been known in downtown Dordrecht for some time.

Time for a roundup among well-known Dordrecht entrepreneurs for a renewed acquaintance!

Renovation Tattoo Mick became complete renovation

Farewell Grote Spuistraat, welcome Tolbrugstraat Landzijde! Tattoo Mick grew out of its old location and therefore Michel and Karin van Zanten moved to a larger premises. They braved the necessary setbacks - a fairly simple renovation suddenly became a complete renovation - and opened the doors of the new premises a little later than planned at the end of July. There is more traffic here than at the old location. Those who stop by Tattoo Mick can immediately see the changed interior: the look is fancier than before. Including marble in the furnishings! Michel enjoys the new location. "It was a stressful time, the moving period with the renovation, but it was well worth it. It's wonderful that I can work with my wife in such a beautiful building. We both tattoo and love running a business together. For years I did everything alone, but it's nicer to work together and be able to spar."

Tattoo Mick, Tolbrugstraat Landzijde 33
Tattoo Mick center Dordrecht (1)

Front Street remains home to The Woonmol

More traffic: that was Edith Mol's wish with her home furnishing store De Woonmol. And so a move followed recently for the store with new and second-hand home furnishings. Not too far away - from Voorstraat 440 to number 393. After all, Edith wanted to stay on "the nicest part of Voorstraat"! At the new location, she has a real storage area under the store floor, and it was very welcome, for all her store's goodies. "We also refurbish furniture, nice that it can now be stored out of sight. This is a better location for me than before. People walk in more easily, just through the big storefront window. Previously there was a porch to walk to the front door of The Woonmol. At 393 Front Street, people step inside more quickly. We already have new audiences, people who didn't know De Woonmol yet."

The Woonmol, Front Street 393
De Woonmol shopping home store Dordrecht

Same Think Ahead, different location

Printshop Think Ahead was on Voorstraat for twenty years, but recently moved to Vriesestraat. There's better parking here, which is welcome, notes Natascha Buijtenhek. "We were looking for something new, something fresh and fruity. We found that in the Vriesestraat, which we had already heard many positive things about. We really like the new location! We have a lot of visitors, also from people who didn't know us yet. And from customers who haven't visited us for a while. It was a good decision to move. We will otherwise remain the same, just be in a different location." At Think Ahead, you can get textiles, gifts and corporate gifts printed. Want to get just one item printed and not dozens right away? That too is an option!

Think Ahead, Vriesestraat 79
Think Ahead print shop Dordrecht

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