HEMA believes that a fun and easy life does not have to be expensive. Walk into any of our shops and you'll see it right away: nowhere else will you find the striking combination of only the best products for everyday life, with their own special design, at surprisingly low prices. Nowhere else will you find this unique shop design. Our employees are always ready to help you: proud, involved and committed to their HEMA. This is what makes HEMA unique. Truly HEMA

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Gifts & party goods
Art, antiques & brocante
Living shop


Vleeshouwersstraat 60
Gifts & party goods

Lucky Laser

Vriesestraat 104
Liquor Store
Gifts & party goods

Brenda Gifts

Vriesestraat 21
Gifts & party goods

Stones and Gifts

Front Street 403a
Books & Magazines
Gifts & party goods

Cigo Yalcin

Bagijnhof 2
Gifts & party goods
Living shop

Bear and Pom

Voorstraat 369