Cigo Yalcin

Cigo Yalcin has opened on the Bagijnhof as of March 2022. With this location, known in the past as Cigo Polderman, the store is at your service with products such as cigarettes, cigars, accessories, greeting cards, various lotteries, magazines, newspapers, gift cards and party supplies. In other words, Cigo Yalcin's assortment is wide, with not only personal products, but also items ideal for gift giving.

But there is more. Because you can also go to Cigo Yalcin for parcel services from UPS, DHL and DHL Express. Recharging your public transport card and withdrawing and depositing money can also be done in the store, at the Geldmaat machine. And do you want to transfer money to other countries? Cigo Yalcin will soon offer Western Union services again for transferring money to other countries. Cigo Yalcin is open seven days a week, so anytime you want to buy a product or use the store's services: Cigo Yalcin is there for you.

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