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Winter walks on island of Dordrecht

In Dordrecht and its surroundings, plotting your walking tour is very easy with the nodes of the walking route network. The hiking network around Dordrecht is no less than 190 km long and unlocks many beautiful paths and iconic spots in the region. In addition to the three highlights Biesbosch, Kinderdijk and the historic center of Dordrecht, enjoy the water and the polders. The Waterbus makes it extra easy to connect these highlights.

Tie your laces and discover the nature of the beautiful (hiking) island of Dordrecht.

Planning your own route

The handy and handy walking map "Walking in the Drechtsteden" and the ANWB Wandelregiokaart "Eiland van Dordrecht en De Biesbosch" are handy aids when mapping out your route. All walking junctions in the region are indicated and there are tips for short and long walks. The walking maps are available from VVV Dordrecht and in the VVV web shop.

If you prefer to plan your route online check out hiking route planner on wandelnet. There you will also find lots of routes, a route planner and an app. You will certainly not get lost on your walk through the inner city of Dordrecht , across the Eiland van Dordrecht or the National Park the Biesbosch.

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4 or 5 day walking tour through the Biesbosch

Immerse yourself in the overwhelming delta nature of National Park De Biesbosch! The IVN has set out a trek without markings in the field, so you navigate the route using the free app IVN Routes. During the hike you will hear in the app the audio story The longing for the other side, in which a boatman in De Biesbosch searches for where his longing for the other side comes from. Together with the skipper, you trek along the Waterliniepad, the vast delta nature of the Oost- and Noordwaard of the Brabant Biesbosch and then the Dordrecht Biesbosch.

On the route, you can stop by several Hosts of the Biesbosch for an overnight stay, a cup of coffee with a strong story and/or a nice lunch. The daily treks vary from 15, 3 to 20 km per day and you can reserve your own places to stay overnight. If you want to make it really easy for yourself, you can book the trek as a package and everything will be arranged for you.

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Huiswaard - ramblers - Biesbosch National Park

New Dordt Biesbosch is whole new experience

Walking in the Nieuwe Dordtse Biesbosch nature reserve offers you an entirely new experience.The special polder structure, the creeks, the dikes and the location on the river make it an ideal walking area. Walk the Bolbakenroute (2.9 km), this route has posts with QR codes. Put the app on your phone and then you can scan the QR codes along the way. You will then see short films about the history of the area: the story of the Sint Elisabethflood, drowned villages, lost rivers and bulb beacons, but also about the work in polder De Biesbosch.

If you want to walk some more or come back another time for the Haniasluis route (2.2 km). At this route you can use the same app to watch movies about the origins of the area in the 11th century. It also shows the story of reclamations, water management and a 16th century ferry connection to Lage Zwaluwe. You'll pass the 1799 Hania Lock that is now a shortcut for beavers.

In the New Dordtse Biesbosch Nature Reserve you can do plenty of hiking and biking. In addition to the above routes, there are more walking routes. The routes connect and start from the various parking lots. There you will find information boards with an overview map of all routes. The National Park de Biesbosch has made a special Hiking Special about this area.

Biesbosch - nature - walking route - cycling

Hiking trails and hiking maps

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Biesbosch path

Hiking Guide Regional Trail 18 (169 kilometers).
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Nature walk

New Merwede nature trail and Tongplaat footpath

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Walking map walking route network Drechtsteden

Walking map with Drechtsteden walking route network.

ANWB walking region map Eiland van Dordrecht and Biesbosch

Walking map of the Island of Dordrecht and the Biesbosch.

Falk/SBB Map of National Park De Biesbosch

Map of De Biesbosch National Park with walking routes and all cycle junctions.

Dordtse Waard route

Walking route on the island of Dordrecht (50 km).