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Regional trail of 169 kilometres. About 600 years ago, the flood of St. Elisabeth with its fierce storms, dike breaches and floods put an end to the Groote Waard. In this polder, which stretched from Strijen in the Hoeksche Waard to the fortress town of Heusden in North Brabant, lie the towns of Dordrecht and Geertruidenberg. According to the legend of the Sint-Elisabethflood, 72 villages disappeared forever in the waves. The hiking guide of the Biesbosch path takes you through the former Groote Waard. The path goes over dykes that have held firm at the time, or were later raised around the newly reclaimed land. You will walk through real Biesbosch villages such as Werkendam and Drimmelen, but of course also through the largest freshwater tidal area in Europe; National Park de Biesbosch. Don't forget your binoculars, because you have the chance to spot the sea eagle and the osprey and to see snorkelling tracks of beavers. Starting and ending point is the beautiful fortified town of Geertruidenberg.