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New Merwede nature trail and Tongplaatfootpath

The Natuurpad is a walk (5 km) through willows and reed marshes between Oost- and Zuidhaven along the Nieuwe Merwede on the island of Dordrecht. In the winter months, parts of the path may be flooded. Boots are strongly recommended.
On the other side of the Zuidhaven is the nature reserve De Tongplaat with a footpath and viewpoint.


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Starting point at Oosthaven


The nature trail can be started at the Oosthaven. This used to be an unloading port for agricultural businesses. At high tide, the river still has an influence on this area outside the dikes. During this walk, you will come across various grienden. Low wharfs were built around therienden so that they only flooded at extremely high tides. The willow is chopped every three to four years. It used to be used for baskets, hoops, dyke reinforcement and fish traps. Nowadays, the grienden in the Biesbosch are only maintained for their natural and cultural-historical value.



End of the Nieuwe Merwede nature trail. You can continue your walk on the other side of the Zuidhaven in the De Tongplaat nature reserve.

Nature - Biesbosch

Footpath to the Tongplaat

Zwanenplaatweg 1

In this former agricultural polder to the southwest of the island of Dordrecht, the tide has had free rein since 2012. A footpath takes you to the viewpoint from where you have a panoramic view of this new nature reserve.


Viewpoint Tongplaat

You can see many kinds of birds here - spoonbills and other waders, geese, ducks, small birds and ospreys - looking for food. The white-tailed eagle can also be seen here regularly! From here, you can walk back to the starting point along the same path or through the meadow along the river (cows roaming free).

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