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Rich history in monument city Dordrecht

Dordrecht is an old Dutch city with a rich history, which is still clearly visible in the city center today. The city was already big in the Middle Ages and developed into the trade and administrative center of Holland, experiencing its own golden age as early as the 14th century. Walking along the inner harbors, the important transshipment goods of those days are still clearly reflected in the street names, as the names Wijnstraat and Wijnhaven betray.

Today, the inner city has over 1000 monuments and a historic harbour area. The special monument guide (available from VVV Dordrecht) provides an overview of all monuments. But below, we have already listed our top 10.

Top 10 monuments

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Grote Kerk Dordrecht

Lange Geldersekade 2
Children's parties
Team outings
E-Bike charging station
Meeting venues

Court of the Netherlands

Hof 6

Town Hall

Town Hall Square 1

Damiate Bridge

Close to Kuipershaven 18


Boomstraat / Palingstraat 37

The Soap Deer

Wijnstraat 113

Arend Maartenshof

Museumstraat 52
Local products
Meeting venues

Windmill Kyck over den Dyck

Noordendijk 144

Old Catholic Church Maria Maior

Voorstraat 120

The Mint of Holland

Mint 5

Tips for a historic day in Dordrecht

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Dordrecht city of monuments

Beautiful monuments, historic inner city harbours, a great atmosphere. Walk or sail through the city, visit the Grote Kerk, Dordrecht's most famous monument and a landmark in the city. The leaning tower, which houses the 67-bell carillon, is a striking feature. Go to Het Hof van Nederland, wander around in museum Huis van Gijn, admire the paintings of Dutch masters in the Dordrechts Museum and feast your eyes in the many art and antique shops. The rich history can be seen on almost every street corner in the hundreds of monuments in the inner city. Buildings built in various styles, from Gothic to Jugendstil, alternate with each other.

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